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Ronald McDonald House 
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Ronald McDonald House Charities Mission Statement:

The mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities is to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families. A world where all children have access to medical care and their families are supported and actively involved in their children's care. Keeping families together and near the care they need.


As a chapter we hold fundraising events such as our "Churros & Hot Chocolate Event" which raised money that went to Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento.

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Every year we host "Lion Cup" which is a week long fundraiser with different events each day. With the participation and support of other sororities and fraternities we are able to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities. 


On weekends, we have "work parties" at our local Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento and volunteer helping with various tasks such as weeding or cleaning up.



“As the Ronald McDonald House Specialist, I work as the liaison between the Iota Gamma Chapter and the Sacramento RMH. We hold drives and send donations and money to them, and it feels so good knowing that everything we do goes straight to a family in need. Family has always been a super important value in my life, and knowing that the work we do directly impacts a family at the Ronald Mcdonald House is so incredible. Because of our fundraising efforts and work as a chapter, we have successfully donated thousands of dollars, countless donations, Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards, and so much more.”


- Jenna Chui, Ronald McDonald House Specialist 



"As the Director of Philanthropy of the Iota Gamma Chapter of ADPi, I get the opportunity to plan events with students across my chapter and UC Davis that help raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities. These philanthropic events allows us to all have a great time while giving back to an amazing organization that helps millions of families access the medical they deserve. Another great benefit of working with RMHC is that we are lucky enough to have a local RMHC in Sacramento. The close proximity of this location allows us to visit and volunteer our time as a chapter, serving as an awesome way to give back to RMHC and a fulfilling a memorable experience for our sisters. I am very grateful to be the director of philanthropy at ADPi and am very proud of the work our chapter does for Ronald McDonald House Charities." 


- Jessie Vargas, Director of Philanthropy


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