Executive Board

A Letter from Our President

IMG_0480 - Kaylee Jansema.jpeg
Major:  History & Anthropology

Year: Second



Kaylee Jansema

Email: adpi.iotagamma.president@gmail.com

Growing up without siblings, I never knew what I was missing out on until I came home to Alpha Delta Pi. In fact, I never even imagined joining a sorority because I didn't think I would 'fit in'. Since becoming a sorority woman, I couldn't imagine my life any other way because I am surrounded by this amazing group of women who inspire me to be the best version of myself day in and day out. ADPi's stay true and loyal, and are always there to give a helping hand. With them by my side and their constant support, each day is a reminder of why I love and came home to Alpha Delta Pi in the first place. 


We pride ourselves in our sisterhood, our philanthropy, and our steps towards creating a more inclusive environment within our community. Our members are active leaders within ADPi and across campus, inspiring each other to get involved in their communities and to strive to be a better human each day. It is our safe space to be our true, authentic selves, and it's our place to grow and learn how to be a changemaker in our ever evolving world. If this little place we like to call home sounds like the community you've been looking for, then we are so excited to meet you!  


Love and Loyally,

Kaylee Jansema 

67501CC6-21B6-4939-8B5D-A4C17E70EBB5 - Sophie Le.jpg
Major: Animal Science 

Year: Fourth

IMG_2956 - VP of Marketing.heic
Major: Cognitive Science with a Computational Emphasis

Year: Fourth


Major:  Political Science
Year:  Second



Vice President of Operations

Sophie Le 

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpo@gmail.com

Vice President of Marketing

Michelle Fay

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpm@gmail.com

Vice President of Finance

Nava Regev

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpf@gmail.com

F2984DCC-3E1E-4D02-88A8-01E9F987823A - Aubrey Barker.jpeg
Major:  Biotechnology

Year: Third

Major:  Political Science

Year: Third


Major: Communication

Year: Fourth



VP of Event Management

Aubrey Barker


Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpem@gmail.com

VP of Panhellenic Relations

Connie Wang

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vppr@gmail.com

VP of Membership Experience

Madelene Sciortino

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpme@gmail.com

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Year: Third



VP of Member Development

Robin Salter

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpmd@gmail.com