Executive Board

A Letter from Our President

Major:  History and International Relations 
Year: third


Camille Pon

Email: adpi.iotagamma.president@gmail.com

So many of my sisters share that they never imagined that they’d join a sorority because they had a very specific stereotype of sorority women in mind, one they were worried they wouldn’t match. ADPis redefine what it means to be leaders in the classroom and across campus, as well as changemakers within the community. 


They are equally motivated to challenge and redefine what it means to be a sorority woman. Sorority life has changed throughout the years but one thing has stayed the same: ADPi women are intelligent, brave, thoughtful, and genuine. Alpha Delta Pi was founded on the connection that shared womanhood brings and my sisters take that to heart. I have found my home amongst women who effortlessly shift from study sessions to movie marathons and cherish our similarities while embracing our differences. As an ADPi, your perspectives and opinions will be respected and valued. If this sounds like the community you’ve been searching for, we’d love to meet you!

Love and loyally, 



Major:  Economics 
Year: second
Major: Sociology - Organizational Studies 
Year: third
Major:  Economics and Design
Year:  second

Vice President of Operations

Rhiannon Do 

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpo@gmail.com

Vice President of Marketing

Brittany Bowerman

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpme@gmail.com

Vice President of Finance

Noopur Dekate

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpf@gmail.com

Major:  Cognitive Science
Year: third
Major:  Design
Year: third
Major: English and Psychology
Year: third

VP of Event Management

Becky Beaton

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpem@gmail.com

VP of Panhellenic Relations

Maya Vargas

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vppr@gmail.com

VP of Membership Experience

Kaitlyn Enrici

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpme@gmail.com

Major: Psychology
Year: 3rd

VP of Member Development

Savannah Zielke

Email: adpi.iotagamma.vpmd@gmail.com